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Version 62 released

14 March 2017  NEWS MULLVAD APP

Version 62 of the Mullvad client is now available for download. The primary changes include upgrading OpenVPN to version 2.4 on Windows and Mac, and resolving a problem causing the client to connect very slowly after sleep on Mac.


We now bundle OpenVPN 2.4 on Windows and Mac. This should improve performance and security as soon as our servers also get this upgrade. There will be another post on the server side of this upgrade soon!

This release changes the algorithm for how we reach out to servers. This should mainly improve how fast a new tunnel can be set up on Mac after it wakes up from sleep.

We have added Turkish to the set of languages in the client. So if your operating system is set to Turkish, the client should also be in Turkish.


Bug fixes

We have addressed a problem where customers could be left unprotected, if their subscription expired while they were using Mullvad.

Version 62 also includes a couple of bug fixes, the details of which can be found in the change log, as usual.