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Discontinuing support for PPTP

31 January 2017  NEWS

At the end of February, we will discontinue our support for PPTP. This will only affect a minuscule number of Mullvad customers.

Am I affected?

You are not affected

  • if you are using the Mullvad client
  • if you know that you are using OpenVPN.

If, however, you have been using our guide on how to set up a PPTP tunnel, you are affected. PPTP users should update to OpenVPN.

We will shut down our PPTP support on Febuary 28, 2017.

Why the discontinued support?

PPTP is outdated and no longer supported. The protocol contains numerous weaknesses that we have always been aware of. Yet, we have supported it – with a clear, strong warning – for use cases in which having a securely encrypted tunnel is not critical. OpenVPN is a much better alternative and is supported virtually everywhere.

Unaffected users are not at risk as our hardware running PPTP is physically separate from our OpenVPN servers.

If you need help migrating to OpenVPN or would like a refund, please contact