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This blog post is 7 years old and may be out of date.

Swish, our newest payment method!


-- 2018-09-03 We now use "swish för handel" - please do not send swish payment to the old swish number, use the swish payment-tab on our web! --

Swedish residents can now use Swish as a payment method for using Mullvad. Easily swish money to us from your mobile device!

Our Swish number is XXXXXX. The recipient is Amagicom AB.

Swish logoPlease enter your Mullvad account number under "Message to the recipient".

Swish 50 SEK for every month of service required. For example, 100 SEK is equivalent to two months.

Activate Swish easily and for free through your bank and download the app on your smartphone. Many Swedish banks, including SEB, Nordea, and Handelsbanken, support Swish.

Please note that it usually takes up to one day before the payment is processed. For quicker processing, email after you have made the payment.