Version 61 released

23 November 2016  NEWS

Version 61 of the Mullvad client is now available for download. The primary changes include a better display of the locations available for connection and how trial accounts are created.


With this release, all countries and regions, including our five newest locations, are now presented as full names instead of abbreviations (see our complete list of Mullvad servers and locations).

In addition, the ability to create a trial account directly in the client has now been moved to our website. Once the client is first installed, new users will be redirected to our Account page to create a trial account.

For Windows users, the "Stop DNS leaks" option is now selected by default, a change which reflects what works best for most users. You will see the change once you've installed this version. Simply deselect the option if you prefer otherwise. The inverse is true for the other platforms as well, where the setting was automatically turned off. Simply select the option if you prefer otherwise.

Bug fixes

We've addressed two Windows-specific bugs. For some users with certain network configurations, client version 60 never started on Windows. Also, some users experienced unexpected crashes in the client. Both problems should no longer be an issue.

Mac users who experienced having to wait for an extended period of time before the client connected should no longer have this issue.

Version 61 also includes a couple of bug fixes, the details of which can be found in the change log, as usual.