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Version 52 released and end of Windows XP support

17 September 2015  NEWS

Version 52 is now available for download.

The biggest change in this release is that we no longer support Windows XP. The reasons are threefold. First of all Microsoft no longer releases security patches for XP. Secondly, less than one percent of the visitors on our website use XP. Most likely the number of clients running on Windows XP is about the same. The third reason is that the code used to maintain separate XP support has been continuously growing. The way of doing things programatically in Windows XP is just so different from Windows Vista and onwards. As we introduce new features the extra work to support an unpatched operating system with so few users is simply not justifiable. We hope that users of Windows XP will understand our reasoning.

Apart from that, this release primarily contains bugfixes and changes under the hood which you can read about here.