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5, 9, or 14 Eyes: Is your VPN actually safe?

18 Oktober 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

There is no doubt that the secret European branch of the "SIGINT Seniors" spy network (known commonly as "14 Eyes") existed at the time the Snowden files were released. Mehr lesen

Open-source firmware is the future


Today we are proud to announce the porting of coreboot, an open-source firmware, to the Supermicro X11SSH-TF server platform. Mehr lesen

Cash is Still King

24 Juli 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

We want you to remain anonymous. All. The. Way. So, when you sign up for our VPN, we don't ask for any personal information  no username, no password, no e-mail address. Mehr lesen

System Transparency is the future


Since we started Mullvad VPN over 10 years ago, we have been obsessed with the question, “How do we demonstrate our trustworthiness to our users?” Mehr lesen

Cookie monsters

28 Mai 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

It all started out as an improver of your browser experience. The cookie evolution, or the different ways to cook that recipe, has developed the use, appearance, and taste of cookies. Mehr lesen

The Digital Stalker

1 März 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

Have you ever been to a clothing store and walked away without buying even a pair of socks? Then on the way home the manager of that same store chases you down the street? Mehr lesen

There’s a day for everything

25 Januar 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

Nowadays, there's a day for everything, from Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (2nd Feb.) to International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th Sept.). Mehr lesen

Mullvad onions – served best with anonymity

29 November 2018  PRIVACY

We are proud to announce the launch of our very own onion service on the Tor network! Mehr lesen

Less is more – web servers wiped sooner

18 Oktober 2018  NEWS PRIVACY

We've reduced the length of time that information on our web servers is stored before deleting – from 24 hours to just one. Mehr lesen

GDPR and your right to data privacy

24 Mai 2018  NEWS PRIVACY

By now, you've probably experienced a steady stream of emails landing in your inbox, all pertaining to the privacy policies of online services that you use. You read them all before giving your consent, right? Mehr lesen

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