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MacOS X Lion

28 Juli 2011  NEWS

MacOS X Lion (10.7) users can use the plain OpenVPN option while we are working on making the Mullvad client program available on Lion. Mehr lesen

Version 27 for Linux released

14 Juni 2011  NEWS

Version 27 fixes problems under Unity. Mehr lesen

Easier to use plain OpenVPN

17 Mai 2011  NEWS

Downloadable configuration files and instructions make it easier to configure OpenVPN without the Mullvad software. Mehr lesen

Version 26 released

17 März 2011  NEWS

Version 26 of the program is now available for download. French translation (thanks Jems). Latest OpenVPN. Even better behind firewalls (can fall back to TCP port 80). Mehr lesen

Version 25 released

14 Januar 2011  NEWS

Version 25 of the program is now available for download. It has robustness improvements in order to be usable in difficult conditions, such as behind very restrictive firewalls. Mehr lesen

Wikileaks accessible through Mullvad

3 Dezember 2010  NEWS

The domain has been taken down by their provider. Mullvad users and people using our public DNS can now reach it again. Mehr lesen

Domain censorship countermeasures

29 November 2010  NEWS

This weekend the U.S. government hijacked over 70 domain names and redirected them to their own servers. As part of our ongoing struggle against censorship Mullvad users are no longer affected by this seizure. The … Mehr lesen

Account hijacking protection

26 Oktober 2010  NEWS

The new Firesheep software listens in on wireless networks and automatically hijacks accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other web services. Mullvad provides protection. Mehr lesen

Version 24 released

21 September 2010  NEWS

Version 24 of the program is now available for download. The main new feature is the ability to use several ports. Mehr lesen

Bitcoin payments

8 Juli 2010  NEWS

We now accept anonymous Bitcoin payments. Mehr lesen

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