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News — 2010/07/08

Bitcoin payments

We now accept anonymous Bitcoin payments.

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News — 2010/06/18

Anonymization vulnerability in Windows fixed

It has been discovered that the IPv6 tunneling behaviour in Windows Vista and 7 can cause problems for anonymization. Users of Windows Vista or 7 should upgrade to version 23 which disables the IPv6 tunneling. ...

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News — 2010/05/26

Unlimited traffic volume

By popular request we now take the next step beyond the limit raise and get rid of the data transfer limits altogether.

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News — 2010/03/22

Version 22 released

Version 22 of the program is now available for download. It improves error handling and investigation.

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News — 2010/02/08

Version 21 for Windows released

Version 19 and 20 wouldn't start on some Windows systems (Runtime Error R6034). Version 21 solves that problem.

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News — 2010/02/06

50 GB becomes 100 GB

The data traffic amount for each paid monthly period is increased to 100 GB. Existing remaining amounts are also doubled.

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News — 2010/01/28

Version 20 released

Version 20 of the program is now available for download. The most significant new feature is the option Block the internet on connection failure. It is an easy way to protect anonymity by blocking access ...

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