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Mullvad makes another donation to Qubes

22 April 2020  DONATION

Secure systems are required for privacy, which is why we are once again donating to the development of the Qubes operating system. Mehr lesen

Mullvad app and servers unaffected by OpenSSL CVE-2020-1967

21 April 2020  NEWS SECURITY

On the 14th of April, we were alerted that a vulnerability would be released today via Mehr lesen

iOS app release improves VPN connection (2020.2)

20 April 2020  MULLVAD APP

A new iOS version of the Mullvad VPN app should mean fewer disconnections. Mehr lesen

Launched: Mullvad VPN for iOS is here

8 April 2020  MULLVAD APP

The official Mullvad VPN app is now available for iOS users! Pull out your iPhone and get it in the App Store. Mehr lesen

Get Mullvad VPN on Google Play

7 April 2020  MULLVAD APP

The Android beta version of the Mullvad VPN app is now available for download on Google Play Store. Mehr lesen

Sweden’s Inet and Webhallen now offer Mullvad

6 April 2020  NEWS

Swedish-based electronics retailers Inet and Webhallen are now selling Mullvad VPN in their stores and online. Mehr lesen

WireGuard is no longer the new kid

30 März 2020  WIREGUARD

It’s been three years since we first started offering the chance to test a new VPN protocol called WireGuard with Mullvad. Yesterday evening, WireGuard’s first stable version was distributed with the release of Linux 5.6. Mehr lesen

Auto-connect feature in new Android release (2020.4-beta1)

30 März 2020  MULLVAD APP

You requested it, we added it. Here are the latest features in Android version of the Mullvad VPN app. Mehr lesen

New Swedish law does not affect Mullvad

24 März 2020  NEWS PRIVACY

Confused about Sweden’s new legislation on the covert surveillance of data? In short, it does not pertain to Mullvad VPN. Mehr lesen

New law 1 April 2020 - Swedish Covert Surveillance of Data Act

17 März 2020  NEWS PRIVACY

New law in Sweden 1 April 2020 Mehr lesen