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Halten Sie sich über Mullvad auf dem Laufenden. Neue App-Versionen, Sicherheitsupdates, Jobankündigungen – hier finden Sie alles.

Why the topic of product reviews is complicated

25 Oktober 2017  NEWS

Did you know that many product reviews found on the Internet are actually paid ads in disguise? It's a complicated topic, but one that we have a clear position on. Mehr lesen

Client version 65 released

24 Oktober 2017  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

Version 65 of the Mullvad client is now available for download! Mehr lesen

Put Mullvad on your car!

22 Oktober 2017  NEWS

That's right, our latest sticker is perfect for your car's bumper, or very large laptop. Plus, they're free! Are t-shirts more your thing? We've got those too. Mehr lesen

Be one of the first – try our new VPN app

17 Oktober 2017  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

It has arrived! Our newly rebuilt VPN app is available to the public, in beta, for the first time ever. Mehr lesen

Mullvad joins world's most widely used internet exchange

16 Oktober 2017  NEWS

In a continued effort to improve our infrastructure, we have established a 10-Gbit connection at one of the world's largest internet exchange points, located in Amsterdam. We've also doubled our server capacity in both Amsterdam … Mehr lesen

Announcing the new Mullvad VPN app

12 Oktober 2017  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

Protecting one's online privacy should be easy for anyone. To that end, we have intentionally designed our new VPN app with an intuitive user experience at its core. Mehr lesen

Completed: Planned maintenance in Amsterdam

2 Oktober 2017  MAINTENANCE

Completed 2017-10-05 Mehr lesen

WireGuard is the future


Here at Mullvad, we've been spearheading the adoption of WireGuard in the VPN world. Our co-founder Fredrik Strömberg talks about how he first came across this promising VPN protocol and why he believes it's the … Mehr lesen

Mullvad donates to Qubes OS

17 September 2017  NEWS

We are excited to announce our support for the Qubes operating system with a sizeable donation toward the project's continued development. We recognize Qubes as one of the most important security-related projects out there at … Mehr lesen

Simplified steps for WireGuard setup

13 September 2017  WIREGUARD

WireGuard has been fully integrated with Mullvad for a while now, and with that, we've made it even easier to get started using the protocol with our service. Mehr lesen

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