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Possible DNS leak fixed in our Windows app

10 Juni 2022  APP

We found that our Windows app’s firewall rules did not properly block DNS outside the VPN tunnel when split tunneling was used. However, programs would not really use this hole or cause any leaks. Mehr lesen

We are taking a tunnel to Stockholm!


Come and see us at Stockholm Central Station Monday 9th - Tuesday 10th May. There might be a Cookie to accept. Mehr lesen

We now accept Monero

3 Mai 2022  FEATURES

Mullvad is now accepting payments in the Monero cryptocurrency. Mehr lesen

Silver-tier donation to WireGuard


Mullvad donates to the WireGuard project for 2022. Mehr lesen

Apple’s Private Relay can cause the system to ignore firewall rules

25 April 2022  PRIVACY APP

Apple’s Private Relay (Beta) feature calls home to Apple servers without respecting the firewall rules of the system, creating a leak that neither we, nor you, can stop without disabling the entire Private Relay feature. Mehr lesen

Mullvad Privacy Companion is now open source

22 März 2022  FEATURES

Mullvad Privacy Companion, a free Firefox extension helping to improve your online privacy – is now open source. Mehr lesen

Adding another layer: Malware DNS blocking

16 März 2022  FEATURES

DNS blocking has become a well received addition to our service, particularly via our app. Today we announce an expansion of this service with malware blocking. Mehr lesen

WireGuard multihop now easily available in the app

10 März 2022  FEATURES APP

To further increase your privacy and make your traffic harder to analyze, you can now route all your traffic through two servers instead of just one, directly in our desktop app, version 2022.1 and newer. Mehr lesen

macOS now reconnects instantly after being in sleep mode

1 März 2022  FEATURES

Your Mac should no longer be stuck offline for a while every time it wakes up from sleep or when trying to connect to a new network. Mehr lesen

Ending support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 in our app

14 Februar 2022  NEWS APP

In June we wrote about ending support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, at the end of 2021. Now the time has come to say bye bye to all the older versions of Windows. Mehr lesen