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Bądź na bieżąco z wydarzeniami w Mullvad. Nowe wersje naszej aplikacji, aktualizacje zabezpieczeń, oferty pracy – wszystko znajdziesz tutaj.

Experimental post-quantum safe VPN tunnels

27 Czerwiec 2022  FEATURES APP

Our latest beta (app version 2022.3-beta1) and some WireGuard servers now support VPN tunnels that protect against attackers with access to powerful quantum computers. Więcej informacji

VPN server audit found no information leakage or logging of customer data

22 Czerwiec 2022  EXTERNAL AUDITS

We tasked the Gothenburg based security consulting firm, Assured AB with performing a security audit towards our VPN infrastructure. Więcej informacji

We are removing the option to create new subscriptions

20 Czerwiec 2022  PRIVACY

In order to store less data we will no longer accept NEW PayPal and Credit card subscriptions (recurring payments). One-time payments are not affected. Więcej informacji

Mullvad is now continuously donating to Qubes OS

15 Czerwiec 2022  MULLVAD COMMUNITY

We are excited to announce our continuous support for the Qubes operating system with a donation toward the project's continued development. Więcej informacji

Introducing names for easier device management

13 Czerwiec 2022  FEATURES APP

The app now has an easy-to-remember two word name as its device identifier. This both solves the dreaded “too many keys”-issue and it gives users a more friendly way of identifying their devices. Więcej informacji

New version of Swedish law on electronic communication (LEK)

13 Czerwiec 2022  PRIVACY

Proposed to enter into force on 1 August 2022. Więcej informacji

Possible DNS leak fixed in our Windows app

10 Czerwiec 2022  APP

We found that our Windows app’s firewall rules did not properly block DNS outside the VPN tunnel when split tunneling was used. However, programs would not really use this hole or cause any leaks. Więcej informacji

We are taking a tunnel to Stockholm!


Come and see us at Stockholm Central Station Monday 9th - Tuesday 10th May. There might be a Cookie to accept. Więcej informacji

We now accept Monero

3 Maj 2022  FEATURES

Mullvad is now accepting payments in the Monero cryptocurrency. Więcej informacji

Silver-tier donation to WireGuard

27 Kwiecień 2022  MULLVAD COMMUNITY

Mullvad donates to the WireGuard project for 2022. Więcej informacji

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