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Playing games on Steam with split tunneling

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If you are having problems playing or hosting a game or if you get too high latency then follow this guide to exclude Steam from Mullvad VPN. This will allow Steam to use your unprotected Internet connection, while the rest of your apps are using your Mullvad connection. This requires the split tunneling function that is available in the Mullvad app for Windows, Linux and Android. This guide uses Windows.

For more information, see the guide Split tunneling with the Mullvad app.

WARNING: None of the traffic in the excluded application will go through the VPN, meaning it will be going directly out on the Internet.

Enabling split tunneling for Steam

  1. Open the Mullvad VPN app
  2. Click on the settings icon that looks like a cogwheel in the top right corner.
  3. Scroll down and click on Split tunneling.
  4. Scroll down to Steam and click on the plus icon on the right side of it. If it does not show up in the list of applications then click on Find another app. Then find the path to steam.exe which normally is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\. When selected it should show up under "Excluded apps".
  5. Now any game started by Steam will go outside the VPN using your normal Internet provider.