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Le blog de Mullvad

Restez informé de l'actualité de Mullvad. Nouvelles sur notre application, mises à jour de sécurité, offres d'emploi ; retrouvez toutes ces informations ici.

Old clients soon no longer supported


On 2015-02-01 client programs older than version 46 will no longer be able to connect. Please upgrade. All too many users are still running clients with problems such as Heartbleed and the status indication malfunction. It does not make sense for us to expend effort keeping compatibility with these versions, hurting rather than helping those still using them. From version 46 the latest available version is dispayed in the program, making it easier to upgrade when appropriate. Please do. Pour en savoir plus…

Version 46 released


Version 46 is now available for download. It displays both the currently installed version and the latest available version. It also fixes a bug that produced too many error dialogs. Pour en savoir plus…

Version 45 released


Version 45 is now available for download. It fixes a bug that would cause the GUI to hang and thus show the wrong connection status. It also works on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Pour en savoir plus…

IPv6 support


We now tunnel IPv6 as well as IPv4. This means you can get connected to the IPv6 internet through Mullvad, even without IPv6 support from your internet service provider. Pour en savoir plus…

Heartbleed OpenSSL bug


A serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library was disclosed 30 hours ago. In short it allows (among other things) anyone on the Internet to extract the private keys used for encrypting traffic and identifying service providers to their users. A more complete description can be read on This affects a lot of different services including web, email, instant messaging and OpenVPN (which Mullvad uses). Pour en savoir plus…