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Install Mullvad browser on Qubes OS

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This guide is tested on both Debian 12 and Fedora 38 based App VMs.


Download the archive that contains the browser, as well as the GPG signature for the browser:

Browser download

Signature download

GPG verification steps for Mullvad Browser can be found here, ensure these are performed prior to installation:

Installing Mullvad Browser

Note the version of Mullvad Browser, and update this accordingly in all the following commands

Transfer the archive of Mullvad Browser to your desired App VM (not template VM) using qvm-copy from the directory in which it is located:

qvm-copy mullvad-browser-linux64-12.5.1_ALL.tar.xz  (replace file name with correct version)

 Once transferred, open a Terminal in the destination App VM and extract the archive to ~/.local/share:

cd QubesIncoming/disp6740/

tar -xf mullvad-browser-linux64-12.0.7_ALL.tar.xz -C ~/.local/share/

Install the browser and add the desktop entry:

cd ~/.local/share/mullvad-browser

./start-mullvad-browser.desktop --register-app

 This should result in a message that reads:

Launching './Browser/start-mullvad-browser --detach --register-app'...
Mullvad Browser has been registered as a desktop app for this user in ~/.local/share/applications/

Adding Mullvad Browser to be usable in your VM

From your Qubes Manager, right click on the App VM where Mullvad Browser is installed, right-click and select Settings , click on Applications.

Click Refresh applications and wait for Mullvad Browser to be displayed.

Move Mullvad Browser from the left column (Available) to the right column (Selected) and click Okay

You can now select Mullvad Browser from the app menu in your desired App VM.