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WireGuard? #

The Mullvad VPN app makes it easy to use WireGuard.

If you prefer to use the WireGuard app download configuration files (requires login).

Here’s why we use and recommend WireGuard.

I use the WireGuard kernel module and can’t connect. Why do I get "Protocol not supported"? #

Make sure the kernels and kernel headers that you are running match those from when you installed the WireGuard packages. If not, then upgrade them.

Try rebooting to see if the kernel module loads correctly: in a terminal, issue sudo modprobe wireguard && lsmod | grep -i wireguard.

Try installing and compiling the WireGuard source. Distribution packages sometimes don’t set things up correctly.

wg-quick fails, with the message RTNETLINK answers: No such device #
This can happen if you set a MTU that is lower than 1280 in the WireGuard configuration file, make sure it is not set to lower than 1280 and then try again.


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