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First steps towards online privacy


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When protecting your online privacy, it means different things for different people and with different threat models.



It starts with increasing your awareness of the problem.

Read about the fundamentals of privacy and why privacy matters.


Use a VPN

Choose one that you really trust from a provider using Open Source with frequent audits of their infrastructure and applications and their no-log policy, and that their business model is clear.


Use a privacy focused browser

The Mullvad Browser comes with the correct settings and plugins without the need of any configuration.


Switch to a privacy-friendly search engine

If you are a Mullvad VPN customer using the Mullvad Browser, switch to https://leta.mullvad.net/faq


Use a privacy-focused messaging app

We recommend Signal – and here's why.


Consider the business model

For the online services you use, consider their business model and how they make their money. If the service you are using has a business model based on targeted ads – do not use that service.


Think before you click

Always be careful and mindful about which sites you visit, which attachments you open, and which links you click.


Perform a connection check

While connected to Mullvad VPN, use our connection check to get a quick overview of your connection status. Your browser could still be leaking information and therefore jeopardizing your privacy.


Next step

Up next: use Privacy tools for your browser.