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Update your app – new stable version (2018.6)


Upgrade now to the newest version of the Mullvad VPN app!

Download now version 2018.6 for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. If you need help with installation and usage, we've got guides for that!

Unable to access our website? Visit our onion address on Tor or check out our GitHub page which also hosts the app's download file.

What's new in this version

  • CLI users can now use the command block-when-disconnected to activate an extra kill switch that blocks all network traffic, even when you yourself have disconnected from Mullvad.
  • We continue to improve error messages that provide more specific details about the issue at hand.
  • The pop-up system notifications disappear when you open the app, instead of covering it.
  • (Windows) The padlock icon in the taskbar is now visible instead of hidden.

A few bug fixes

In the connection screen, click on "connection details" (previously "MORE") and you should now always see both your IP and exit IP.

Windows users, we've hopefully decreased a number of headaches for you:

  • Various antivirus software will now complain a bit less about the app's installation.
  • The VPN connection will be restored more quickly after the computer has been in sleep mode.
  • When you are successfully connected to Mullvad, the network connection tray icon should no longer show a warning triangle signaling that you have no internet (even though you do).
  • We got rid of the WMI error in the installer.
  • If your internet broke after disconnecting from Mullvad: the disconnecting process may now take a bit longer but your internet will remain intact afterward.

And for macOS, the app now detects when your internet isn't working, shows an error message, and stops attempting to make a VPN connection until your computer is back online.