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Update your app – new stable version (2018.5)


Upgrade now to the newest version of the Mullvad VPN app!

Version 2018.5 is now available for download, for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. If you need help with installation and usage, we've got guides for that!

For those unable to access our website, GitHub also hosts the app's download file.

What's new in this version

  • A warning message in the connection screen will now notify you if you aren't running the latest version. The message will also pop up as a system notification on your desktop.
  • In the connection screen, click on "MORE" to have a look at your IP and the exit IP.
  • We now allow DHCPv6 in the firewall.
  • Bridges and proxies are now possible to configure via the CLI (see our guide).
  • This is the first version to come bundled with our new root certificate. When our current certificate expires in March, all app versions older than this one will stop working.

A few bug fixes

Overall, DNS now works much better thanks to a number of fixes:

  • Sending a problem report should no longer be blocked by DNS issues.
  • (macOS) We fixed a bug in DNS management that previously messed up advanced users' settings.
  • (Linux) We improved DNS management detection.
  • (Linux) We fixed a security hole that, if you had local network sharing turned on, potentially leaked DNS requests to your local network (i.e. not to the Internet).

In addition:

  • Problems with reconnection attempts have been fixed.
  • (Windows 7) The installer no longer crashes at the end.
  • (Linux) We fixed a bug from the previous version in which the app's user interface didn't start.
  • (Fedora) The app will now update without needing a computer restart.