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Post-quantum safe VPN tunnels available on all WireGuard servers


The experimental quantum-resistant tunnel support we posted about in July is now available on all our WireGuard servers! We also upgraded the protocol to allow even more secure key exchanges in the future.

Good news if you wanted to test out our quantum-resistant tunnel support, but none of the servers getting support for it in July suited your needs! The quantum-resistant key exchange protocol is now available on all our WireGuard servers.

How to try it

Please keep in mind that this is still an experimental feature.

We might need to change the protocol more times, so you may experience interruptions and should not consider this stable as of yet.

The feature is still only available on our desktop apps, and can only be enabled in the command line interface.

If you want to try it out, fire up your terminal/console and run the following command:

mullvad tunnel wireguard quantum-resistant-tunnel set on

If you want to stop using this experimental feature, run the same command as above, but replace on with off. As follows:

mullvad tunnel wireguard quantum-resistant-tunnel set off

To verify if it works you can check that the GUI now says “QUANTUM SECURE CONNECTION” in green.

The following CLI command should print:

mullvad status -v

Quantum resistant tunnel: yes

We would love your feedback on this feature! If you experience any issues with it, please contact us at support@mullvad.net or on Github.