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Mullvad’s physical voucher cards are now available in 11 countries on Amazon


We are now available on Amazon in the following countries:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon CA
Amazon MX
Amazon IT
Amazon SE
Amazon NL
Amazon FR
Amazon ES
Amazon PL

Upcoming countries: AU, JP, TR, BR


  1. The design of the activation code removes the possibility for third parties to link a payment to a Mullvad account, for privacy.  
  2. You can gift time and give it to a friend without knowing their account number.

How to get started:

Buy the activation code from Amazon and wait for delivery.

  1. Visit Account | Mullvad VPN to generate your account number, or use your existing Mullvad account.
  2. Choose “Voucher” as payment method and scratch the grey area on the back of the card to reveal your activation code.
  3. Enter your code and redeem it - your account has been activated.
  4. Download our app on your preferred devices and sign in with your account number.
  5. Secure your connection and take a look at our guides and blog for more privacy tips.

In need of assistance? Contact support@mullvad.net