Mullvad Privacy Companion BETA

Firefox browser extension – free for anyone

This is not a VPN app and does not replace the functionality of one.

Works on Firefox 90+

Mullvad Privacy Companion Screenshot

Your companion to digital privacy

Enhance your privacy and anonymity with the Mullvad Privacy Companion. Free for anyone – including non-Mullvad VPN customers – our browser extension for Firefox provides a number of privacy settings and recommendations, all conveniently located in one place.

Privacy recommendations

  • Quick installation of privacy tools
  • Disable IP-exposing WebRTC
  • More to come!

Integrated SOCKS5 proxy

While using Mullvad VPN, connect to our proxy with one click.

  • Visible only when connected to Mullvad
  • Route your browser traffic through a different server
  • Reduce those annoying CAPTCHAs

We welcome your feedback about this beta release. Email us at

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