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New Reseller: Smartech, inside Selfridges, London


As of today, Mullvad VPN has a new reseller - Smartech, inside Selfridges on Oxford Street, London, UK. 続きを読む

Improving the robustness of our databases

7 10月 2021  PRIVACY

We really don’t like storing data, but there are some we can't avoid storing. At least we can keep that safe. 続きを読む

A big welcome to our new mascot!

6 10月 2021  INSIDE MULLVAD

We have a mascot! 続きを読む

Test our new browser privacy tool: Mullvad Privacy Companion Beta

30 9月 2021  FEATURES

Today we release a new tool to help anyone along on their privacy journey. Try the free Mullvad Privacy Companion Beta extension for Firefox desktop. 続きを読む

Our second week in London


We are building a future in Online Privacy! Meet us at 33 Great Windmill St – 33 Great Windmill St, London: 続きを読む

The ownership and future of Mullvad VPN

16 9月 2021  INSIDE MULLVAD

This article is by our founders and sole shareholders, Daniel Berntsson and Fredrik Strömberg. Mullvad VPN is here to stay, and we are not interested in ever selling it. 続きを読む

Visit Mullvad pop-up store in London!


Meet the team behind Mullvad!  Visit our pop-up store at 33 Great Windmill St. 続きを読む

Foundations of secure split tunneling

10 9月 2021  FEATURES

Congrats, you crossed the finish line of our split tunneling series! We wrap up with Part 5 and explain the key attributes that informed our secure design and invite you to build upon it. 続きを読む

Can split tunneling be leaking traffic?

8 9月 2021  FEATURES

As we near the end of our split tunneling series, we look under the hood in Part 4 to examine where leaks tend to occur in split tunneling solutions. 続きを読む

The limitations of split tunneling

2 9月 2021  FEATURES

You’ve made it to the halfway point of our split tunneling series! In Part 3, get a little technical as we inspect some limitations of our split tunneling implementation and how to work around them. 続きを読む

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