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macOS now reconnects instantly after being in sleep mode


Your Mac should no longer be stuck offline for a while every time it wakes up from sleep or when trying to connect to a new network.

In the blog post Mullvad disallows Apple apps to bypass firewall, which we wrote on the 16th of November 2020 we described that the Mullvad app is not allowing Apple’s own apps to bypass our VPN firewall.

We did also mention some side effects, for example, the Mullvad app taking longer to detect that the computer is online. It takes in total roughly 30 seconds longer to wake up your Mac from sleep!

The blog post continues to state that this can only be fixed by leaking traffic to Apple. Or so we thought, but this was not true! All of this has now been fixed! Your Mac should now connect instantly on wake up from sleep, and we did not need to allow any network traffic leaks! Upgrade to app version 2022.1 or newer to get this fix.

If you are interested in a more technical explanation, you can read more details in our open source code repository.