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Revisit 2021 with a walk down the red carpet

14 Dicembre 2021  INSIDE MULLVAD

It’s been rolled out! Read on to remember this year’s privacy-boosting efforts, count some numbers, and (if you somehow missed it) meet 2021’s furriest hire! Continua a leggere

Forget your passwords – except one

15 Novembre 2021  PRIVACY TIPS

Tired of trying to memorize dozens of passwords while compromising your security in the process? The solution: a password manager! Choose from our five recommendations that cover a range of needs. Continua a leggere

Introducing WireGuard over TCP and IPv6

1 Novembre 2021  NEWS APP

As we add more advanced settings to Mullvad VPN, we need your feedback more than ever. That’s why we’re encouraging desktop users to test our first implementations of WireGuard over both TCP and IPv6. Continua a leggere

Try WireGuardNT for better Windows performance

28 Ottobre 2021  NEWS

Calling all early adopters on Windows! Blaze a trail with us and test if our experimental implementation of the new WireGuardNT kernel driver gives you a boost in performance. Continua a leggere

Use filtering to show your preferred hosting providers

26 Ottobre 2021  FEATURES

Looking for more control over your choice of servers? Try filtering the server location list by hosting provider, available in the desktop version of the Mullvad VPN app. Continua a leggere

New Reseller: Smartech, inside Selfridges, London


As of today, Mullvad VPN has a new reseller - Smartech, inside Selfridges on Oxford Street, London, UK. Continua a leggere

Improving the robustness of our databases

7 Ottobre 2021  PRIVACY

We really don’t like storing data, but there are some we can't avoid storing. At least we can keep that safe. Continua a leggere

A big welcome to our new mascot!

6 Ottobre 2021  INSIDE MULLVAD

We have a mascot! Continua a leggere

Test our new browser privacy tool: Mullvad Privacy Companion Beta

30 Settembre 2021  FEATURES

Today we release a new tool to help anyone along on their privacy journey. Try the free Mullvad Privacy Companion Beta extension for Firefox desktop. Continua a leggere

Our second week in London

20 Settembre 2021  MULLVAD COMMUNITY

We are building a future in Online Privacy! Meet us at 33 Great Windmill St – 33 Great Windmill St, London: Continua a leggere

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