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Tieniti aggiornato sugli sviluppi di Mullvad. Nuove versioni della nostra app, aggiornamenti di sicurezza, annunci di lavoro: trovi tutto qui.

New website

29 Ottobre 2013  NEWS

We hope that you like the new face of Mullvad. Please send us an email if you have any questions or feedback. Continua a leggere

Wire transfer

5 Luglio 2013  NEWS

New payment option: international wire transfer. Continua a leggere

Version 38 released

27 Giugno 2013  NEWS

Version 38 is now available for download featuring improved connection monitoring. Continua a leggere

Version 37 released

30 Maggio 2013  NEWS

Version 37 is now available for download. It fixes a number of problems, the most important being starting on freshly installed Windows XP and Ubuntu 13.04. Continua a leggere

obfsproxy servers in all countries

19 Aprile 2013  NEWS

Any one of our exit countries can now be used when the program has to circumvent censorship by avoiding OpenVPN filtering. Continua a leggere

Back to normal

11 Aprile 2013  NEWS

All account information should be restored now. Thank you for your patience. Continua a leggere

Database problems

5 Aprile 2013  NEWS

We are having database problems. All customers should be able to connect now but the account page may show strange information for a few days. Continua a leggere

Improved censorship resistance

21 Marzo 2013  NEWS

The Mullvad client program now detects and circumvents (using obfsproxy) OpenVPN filtering as used in China, Iran, Syria and other places. Continua a leggere

Getting started under censorship

7 Marzo 2013  NEWS

In locations where our website is blocked our client program can be downloaded via BitTorrent instead. Continua a leggere