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28 Marzo 2023  NEWS PRIVACY

Ylva Johansson is the EU Commissioner in charge of the Chat Control Bill. In recent days she has taken part in several interviews in Swedish media and also spoken in front of EU parliament members. Continua a leggere

Mullvad becomes highest level of Tor Member (Shallot)


Mullvad has been a Tor Project Vidalia Onion Member since 2021 and has now become a Shallot Onion Member of Tor. Continua a leggere

Profiles to configure our encrypted DNS on Apple devices

28 Febbraio 2023  FEATURES

For users of Apple devices, we now have macOS, iPadOS and iOS configuration profiles that enable you to use our encrypted DNS service with fewer steps. Continua a leggere

Security audit of account and payment services

17 Febbraio 2023  EXTERNAL AUDITS

Assured AB were contracted to perform a security assessment of our account and payment services between 2022-11-07 and 2022-11-29. Continua a leggere

Stop the proposal on mass surveillance of the EU

2 Febbraio 2023  PRIVACY

The European Commission is currently in the process of enacting a law called Chat control. If the law goes into effect, it will mean that all EU citizens' communications will be monitored and listened to. Continua a leggere

EU chat control law will ban open source operating systems

1 Febbraio 2023  PRIVACY

Update: Open source OSes might be saved from being covered depending on the interpretation of EU regulation 2019/1150 2.2.c. Continua a leggere

Review of 2022

30 Dicembre 2022  NEWS

We are counting downs the days until 2023 and are excited about the things that will happen next year. Continua a leggere

Shutting down our unencrypted public DNS service

13 Dicembre 2022  NEWS

On the 16th January 2023 we will shut down our legacy public DNS service, currently reachable from this IP: Continua a leggere

Ending support for cryptocurrency refunds

1 Dicembre 2022  PRIVACY

In order to keep less data on our users we will remove support for refunds and account recovery with all cryptocurrency payments, starting next year. Continua a leggere

Post-quantum safe VPN tunnels available on all WireGuard servers

8 Novembre 2022  FEATURES

The experimental quantum-resistant tunnel support we posted about in July is now available on all our WireGuard servers! We also upgraded the protocol to allow even more secure key exchanges in the future. Continua a leggere

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