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Mullvad DoH and DoT – beta release


We have released a beta of our encrypted DNS. Hosted and created by us, an audited non-logging VPN service. We are thirsting for your input before we take this service to the next level. Pour en savoir plus…

No PII or privacy leaks found in Cure53's Infrastructure audit

20 janvier 2021  EXTERNAL AUDITS

We invite you to read the final report of the first security-focused audit on Mullvad’s infrastructure, completed in December 2020. Pour en savoir plus…

Results available from audit of Mullvad app

25 juin 2020  EXTERNAL AUDITS

We invite you to read the final report of the independent security audit performed on the Mullvad VPN app. Pour en savoir plus…

Read results of security audit on Mullvad app

24 septembre 2018  EXTERNAL AUDITS

The final report of the external security audit on our VPN app, version 2018.2, is now publicly available. Pour en savoir plus…

The audits of OpenVPN 2.4 have been completed

16 mai 2017  EXTERNAL AUDITS

As one of the sponsors of one of the audits, Mullvad is pleased to see that no major security issues were found. Pour en savoir plus…