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Release announcements get put out to pasture

22 kesäkuu 2021  NEWS

We’re shaking up our routine when it comes to blogging about the app and we want you to know that. And we say goodbye to this 11-year old tradition with a greatest hits list. Lue lisää

Ending support for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 - at the end of this year

15 kesäkuu 2021  NEWS

We’re finally nsync with Windows, and will say bye bye bye to support for 7, 8 and 8.1 at the end of the year. Lue lisää

How we’re knocking down ads and tracking

9 kesäkuu 2021  FEATURES

We have added a feature to our iOS app, that removes another; DNS with ad and/or tracker blocking. Just a swipe away. But first, let’s dig deeper into how we’ve set up this feature. Lue lisää

Termination of global ports 1 Aug 2021

1 kesäkuu 2021  NEWS

We urge you to replace your current ports with city-specific ports as soon as possible, 30th July at the latest. This change only affects global port users. Lue lisää

How to set up ad blocking in our app

27 toukokuu 2021  FEATURES

We've all appreciated those award-winning commercials worthy of every bit of praise, but we also got our fair share of dreadful ads. Soon: on/off-button for Ad-blocking in our app. Until, do this if you please. Lue lisää

No more hiccups, or, maybe just one more…

25 toukokuu 2021  NEWS INSIDE MULLVAD

Being an early adopter comes with its fair share of surprises. So, tomorrow, 26th May, you will be forced to jump between continents and servers while we deploy the latency fix on our Wireguard servers. Lue lisää

Big Data = Big Failure III

20 toukokuu 2021  PRIVACY

Corporate businesses and government agencies are all doing it: collecting data and thereby breaking universal laws. Ready to take action? We know what to do. Lue lisää

Big Data = Big Failure II

12 toukokuu 2021  PRIVACY

It's possible to remain anonymous with a single data point. However, as soon as a series of data is collected, remaining anonymous becomes impossible. Let’s take it step by step. Lue lisää

Big Data = Big Failure I

6 toukokuu 2021  PRIVACY

The vast amount of data collected today makes it possible to predict political opinions, beliefs, religion, and interests, a collection of data that is strictly forbidden by law. And in great need of abidance. Lue lisää

Newest app release for desktop could improve performance (2021.3)

28 huhtikuu 2021  NEWS

What’s new in the latest app for Windows, Linux, and macOS? For one, an upgrade that we hope will improve performance for many of you. Read on, then download and see for yourself. Lue lisää

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