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Willkommen auf unserer Serverliste. Hier finden Sie alles: Standorte und Details, Probleme mit dem Dienst, geplante Wartungsarbeiten.

Update: the Issues have now all been resolved. --- We are currently having network issues in Malmö, we are working to resolve them, this currently affects payments, adding ports and the servers in Malmö

Okt 15, 2019, 05:46 UTC

The Locations: us-bos, us-clt, us-was, us-xlx, us-msp, us-pdx, us-phl , us-lui, us-sjc, us-stl, fr-mrs are removed, this is due to one of our hosting providers closing down those locations within 30 days. We are looking for replacement servers and locations.

Sep 27, 2019, 05:03 UTC

German users: if you are getting very poor performance to our servers in Germany please try using servers that start with de-fra-1* or de-fra-2* or if using WireGuard try using de1 / de2 / de3 WireGuard servers, the reason is because of DT (DTAG) peering to Cogent and traffic between them is throttled. This will also affect Sweden and the Netherlands for users who use DT (DTAG) as their ISP.

Mär 8, 2019, 07:20 UTC


Das sind die Server-Standorte, die in der Mullvad-App verfügbar sind. Wenn Sie OpenVPN nutzen, können Sie anhand der nachfolgenden Daten eine bestimmte Region oder einen Server angeben.

Name (* Land Stadt IP-Adresse Gruppen (*
al-tia-001 Albania Tirana
au-adl-001 Australia Adelaide
au-bne-001 Australia Brisbane au-bne
au-cbr-001 Australia Canberra
au-mel-002 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-mel-003 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-mel-004 Australia Melbourne au-mel
au-per-001 Australia Perth au-per
au-syd-001 Australia Sydney au-syd
au-syd-002 Australia Sydney au-syd
au-syd-003 Australia Sydney au-syd
at-vie-001 Austria Wien
at-vie-002 Austria Wien
at-vie-003 Austria Wien
be-bru-001 Belgium Brussels
be-bru-002 Belgium Brussels
be-bru-003 Belgium Brussels
br-sao-001 Brazil Sao Paulo
br-sao-002 Brazil Sao Paulo
bg-sof-001 Bulgaria Sofia
bg-sof-002 Bulgaria Sofia
ca-mtr-001 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-002 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-003 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-004 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-005 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-006 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-mtr-007 Canada Montreal ca-qc
ca-tor-001 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-tor-002 Canada Toronto ca-on
ca-van-001 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-002 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-003 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
ca-van-004 Canada Vancouver ca-bc
cz-prg-001 Czech Republic Prague
cz-prg-002 Czech Republic Prague
cz-prg-003 Czech Republic Prague
dk-cph-001 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-002 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-101 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-102 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-201 Denmark Copenhagen
dk-cph-301 Denmark Copenhagen
fi-hel-001 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-002 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-003 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-004 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-005 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-006 Finland Helsinki
fi-hel-007 Finland Helsinki
fr-par-001 France Paris
fr-par-002 France Paris
fr-par-003 France Paris
de-fra-001 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-002 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-003 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-004 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-005 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-006 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-007 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-008 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-009 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-010 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-011 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-012 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-013 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-014 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-015 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-101 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-102 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-103 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-201 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
de-fra-202 Germany Frankfurt de-fra
gr-ath-001 Greece Athens
hk-hkg-001 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hk-hkg-003 Hong Kong Hong Kong
hu-bud-001 Hungary Budapest
hu-bud-002 Hungary Budapest
in-pnq-002 India Pune
il-tlv-001 Israel Tel Aviv
it-mil-001 Italy Milan
it-mil-002 Italy Milan
jp-tyo-002 Japan Tokyo
jp-tyo-003 Japan Tokyo
lv-rix-001 Latvia Riga
lu-lux-001 Luxembourg Luxembourg
md-kiv-001 Moldova Chisinau
nl-ams-001 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-002 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-003 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-004 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-005 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-006 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-007 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-008 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-009 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-010 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-011 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-012 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-013 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-014 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-015 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-016 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-017 Netherlands Amsterdam
nl-ams-018 Netherlands Amsterdam
nz-akl-001 New Zealand Auckland
no-osl-001 Norway Oslo
no-osl-002 Norway Oslo
no-osl-003 Norway Oslo
no-osl-004 Norway Oslo
no-osl-005 Norway Oslo
no-osl-006 Norway Oslo
no-osl-007 Norway Oslo
no-osl-008 Norway Oslo
pl-waw-001 Poland Warsaw
pl-waw-002 Poland Warsaw
pl-waw-003 Poland Warsaw
pt-lis-001 Portugal Lisbon
ro-buh-001 Romania Bucharest
ro-buh-002 Romania Bucharest
rs-beg-001 Serbia Belgrade
rs-ini-001 Serbia Nis
sg-sin-001 Singapore Singapore
sg-sin-002 Singapore Singapore
za-jnb-001 South Africa Johannesburg
es-mad-001 Spain Madrid
es-mad-002 Spain Madrid
es-mad-003 Spain Madrid
se-got-001 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-002 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-003 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-004 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-005 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-006 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-007 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-008 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-009 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-010 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-011 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-got-012 Sweden Gothenburg se-got
se-hel-001 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-002 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-003 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-004 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-007 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-hel-008 Sweden Helsingborg se-hel
se-mma-001 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-002 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-003 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-004 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-005 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-010 Sweden Malmö
se-mma-013 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-014 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-016 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-017 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-019 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-021 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-022 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-023 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-mma-024 Sweden Malmö se-mma
se-sto-001 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-002 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-003 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-004 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-005 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-006 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-007 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-008 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-009 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-010 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-011 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-012 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-013 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-014 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-015 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-016 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-017 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-018 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-019 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-020 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-021 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-022 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-023 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-024 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
se-sto-025 Sweden Stockholm se-sto
ch-zrh-001 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-002 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-003 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-004 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-005 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-006 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-007 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-008 Switzerland Zurich
ch-zrh-009 Switzerland Zurich
gb-lon-001 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-002 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-003 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-004 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-005 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-006 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-007 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-008 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-009 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-010 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-011 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-012 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-013 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-014 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-101 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-102 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-103 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-104 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-105 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-201 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-202 UK London gb-lon
gb-lon-301 UK London gb-lon
gb-mnc-001 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-002 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-003 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-004 UK Manchester gb-mnc
gb-mnc-005 UK Manchester gb-mnc
us-atl-001 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us-atl-002 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us-atl-003 USA Atlanta, GA us-ga
us-chi-001 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-002 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-003 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-004 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-005 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-006 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-007 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-chi-008 USA Chicago, IL us-il
us-dal-001 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-002 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-003 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-dal-004 USA Dallas, TX us-tx
us-den-001 USA Denver, CO us-co
us-den-002 USA Denver, CO us-co
us-lax-001 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-002 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-003 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-004 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-005 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-006 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-007 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-008 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-009 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-011 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-012 USA Los Angeles, CA us-ca
us-lax-013 USA Los Angeles, CA
us-mia-001 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-003 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-mia-004 USA Miami, FL us-fl
us-nyc-001 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-002 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-003 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-004 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-005 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-006 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-007 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-008 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-009 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-010 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-011 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-012 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-013 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-014 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-015 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-016 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-017 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-nyc-018 USA New York, NY us-ny
us-phx-004 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-005 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-phx-006 USA Phoenix, AZ us-az
us-pil-001 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us-pil-002 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us-pil-003 USA Piscataway, NJ us-nj
us-slc-001 USA Salt Lake City, UT us-ut
us-slc-002 USA Salt Lake City, UT us-ut
us-sfo-001 USA San Francisco, CA us-ca
us-sfo-002 USA San Francisco, CA us-ca
us-sea-001 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-002 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-003 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-004 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-sea-101 USA Seattle, WA us-wa
us-uyk-001 USA Secaucus, NJ us-nj
us-uyk-002 USA Secaucus, NJ us-nj
ua-iev-001 Ukraine Kiev
ae-dxb-001 United Arab Emirates Dubai