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There’s a day for everything


Nowadays, there's a day for everything, from Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (2nd Feb.) to International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th Sept.).

We know that it´s overwhelming, but then again: deep down, don’t we all love it? An excuse to eat popcorn in the middle of the week, International Popcorn Day, or the benefit and the freedom on Eat What You Want Day (you’ll have to wait until May). In all this madness, there actually is one day for us privacy ninjas, us that live and breathe for the sake of online freedom.

Data Privacy Day

On this beautiful and important day, 28th January, we celebrate the universal right to privacy. And our gift to you and ourselves is the possibility to read all day long how easy it is to improve protection and, more freely, explore the web.

Instead of an Instagram post, where we express our excitement with balloons and glitter, we toast to the fact that on this day in 1981, the Council of Europe's Convention signed for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data.

We know, big right?

Even if you missed this wonderful day (HELLO! Lesson learned: put it in your calendar, now!), let us all celebrate this day by spreading the fact that privacy is fundamental to a well-functioning society. That this universal right is ours to protect and praise. That’s what many companies and governments have been doing on this day since 2007. And we have been putting our soul into this since the birth of Mullvad back in 2009. Our promise on this lovely day: we won’t stop until mass surveillance and internet censorship are as dead as the dinosaurs.

Ready to become a privacy ninja?
Start with: Privacy is a universal right