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New Settings feature and a Windows fix in Mullvad app (2019.9)


Change the app’s language yourself in the latest version of the Mullvad VPN app which also comes with a resolved issue that has affected many Windows users.

Note: This release does not include any updates for Android which is still in beta.

What’s new in this version (2019.9)

Choose your language

You can now change the app’s display language yourself. Click on the Settings icon and look for Language at the bottom.

Windows issue resolved

We’ve made a few fixes to prevent more Windows users from being stuck in the offline state. The app will also detect disconnects (for example if your WiFi drops) more quickly.

More powerful CLI

The big news here is that we’ve synced usability and commands across all desktop platforms. For Windows users, just as with Linux and macOS, you can now access the Mullvad CLI from anywhere in the terminal. Simply open a terminal window, type mullvad, and you’ll see a list of all subcommands, including a few new ones.

If you want to report a problem, the universal command is nowmullvad-problem-report.

Other goodies

  • If you are logged in to the app and click on any links having to do with managing your account (Buy more credit or Manage WireGuard keys), you will be automatically logged in to your account page on our website instead of having to log in again.
  • (Windows 8 and newer) The installation warning window that pops up for many Windows users is now a thing of the past with this release.
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina.

Small fix

  • The app for users with Norwegian (Bokmål) as the system language will now default to Bokmål instead of English.

Download the app

Download the Mullvad VPN app for Windows, macOS, and Linux users. We've got set-up guides if you need help with installation and usage.

Know of someone unable to access our website? Point them to Mullvad's onion address on Tor or Mullvad's GitHub page.