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及時了解 Mullvad 最新動態。包括應用程式的最新版本、安全性更新、徵才資訊等一切。

Post-quantum safe VPN tunnels available on all WireGuard servers

8 十一月 2022  FEATURES

The experimental quantum-resistant tunnel support we posted about in July is now available on all our WireGuard servers! We also upgraded the protocol to allow even more secure key exchanges in the future. 閱讀全文

Aiding to break habits: Gambling and Adult content DNS blocking

11 七月 2022  FEATURES

We have expanded our DNS blocking service with Gambling and Adult content filters! 閱讀全文

Experimental post-quantum safe VPN tunnels

11 七月 2022  FEATURES APP

Our latest beta (app version 2022.3-beta1) and some WireGuard servers now support VPN tunnels that protect against attackers with access to powerful quantum computers. 閱讀全文

Introducing names for easier device management

13 六月 2022  FEATURES APP

The app now has an easy-to-remember two word name as its device identifier. This both solves the dreaded “too many keys”-issue and it gives users a more friendly way of identifying their devices. 閱讀全文

We now accept Monero

3 五月 2022  FEATURES

Mullvad is now accepting payments in the Monero cryptocurrency. 閱讀全文

Mullvad Privacy Companion is now open source

22 三月 2022  FEATURES

Mullvad Privacy Companion, a free Firefox extension helping to improve your online privacy – is now open source. 閱讀全文

Adding another layer: Malware DNS blocking

16 三月 2022  FEATURES

DNS blocking has become a well received addition to our service, particularly via our app. Today we announce an expansion of this service with malware blocking. 閱讀全文

WireGuard multihop now easily available in the app

10 三月 2022  FEATURES APP

To further increase your privacy and make your traffic harder to analyze, you can now route all your traffic through two servers instead of just one, directly in our desktop app, version 2022.1 and newer. 閱讀全文

macOS now reconnects instantly after being in sleep mode

1 三月 2022  FEATURES

Your Mac should no longer be stuck offline for a while every time it wakes up from sleep or when trying to connect to a new network. 閱讀全文

Use filtering to show your preferred hosting providers

26 十月 2021  FEATURES

Looking for more control over your choice of servers? Try filtering the server location list by hosting provider, available in the desktop version of the Mullvad VPN app. 閱讀全文

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