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What is privacy?

Have you ever thought about how online ads tend to follow you from site to site? Or how Facebook knows exactly which ones to show you? We can assure you it's not magic.

Think about all the intimate questions and concerns you ask Google on a daily basis. Or all of your personal shopping habits and interests that you feed to Amazon. Not to mention that Alexa is constantly listening to everything you say.

While you may be doing this all from the privacy of your own home, your online life is, in contrast, very public.

Even convenience comes at a price

Most of what we do online – searching, sharing, posting, tweeting – is analyzed, sold, and stored (likely forever) by search engines, social media, and corporations. Even governments are methodically gathering more and more knowledge about us.

The convenient upside of this means timely, relevant ads and the ability to sync logins and other personal data across many sites.

But the downside? What you say and do online today may become frowned upon or even illegal in the future.

For your right to privacy

That's where we come in. Mullvad was founded in 2009 purely with the ambition of upholding the universal right to privacy – for you, for us, for everyone. And not only that, we want to make Internet censorship and mass surveillance ineffective.

That's a tall order, but if you want to make a change, you've gotta start somewhere.

Since our humble beginning, our VPN service has helped to keep users' online activity, identity, and location private. Over the years, we've been blazing a trail forward to provide the most secure and anonymous VPN out there – for everyone, for us, for you.

Become a privacy ninja

We want you to be in full control of your online life. That means having the proper ninja skills. Here's a few to start your training:

For the history buffs

These are just a few of the milestones we're particularly proud of:

Amagicom AB

Företaget som driver Mullvad heter Amagicom AB. Namnet Amagicom kommer från det sumeriska ordet ama-gi - det äldsta kända ordet för “frihet”, eller bokstavligt talat “tillbaka till modern”, och har att göra med slaveri - och förkortningen för communikation (kommunication). Amagicom innebär “fri kommunikation.”.


Amagicom ägs till 100 % av grundarna Fredrik Strömberg och Daniel Berntsson som är aktivt involverade i företaget.

Resten av teamet inkluderar Robin Lövgren, Simon Andersson, Linus, Richard Mitra, Sanny Mitra, David Marby, Odd, Andrej Mihajlov, Janito Ferreira Filho, Elad Yarom, Jackson Kong, Alexander Busck, Stefan, and Jan Jonsson.