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Why Can't I connect using Comcast XFINITY router ? #
If you have set it to maximum security, "which will block most applications except web browsing, email, iTunes and VPN." , try reducing it to typical to see if you then can connect. Or use port 53 for WireGuard / OpenVPN to connect.
Mullvad's Website or API shows as insecure or is unreachable what to do? #
Certain routers block Mullvad's website and API, and calls it "malware". Some routers from Asus and TP-Link include a DNS filter from Trend Micro which blocks Mullvad because using Mullvad will prevent their filter from working. To turn it off follow these instructions. ASUS: Go to AiProtection > Network Protection > turn off "Malicious Sites Blocking". TP-Link: Go to HomeCare or Security > Antivirus > turn off "Malicious Content Filter". Some Verizon Fios routers contain McAfee Home Network Protection which can also block Mullvad. In that case turn off Parental controls.
I am using the ASUS stock firmware and when importing the Mullvad .ovpn file it says "File format or #
Open the .ovpn file in a text editor and remove the line "tun-ipv6" before you import it.
How do I use Landline telephone when using Fritzbox and Mullvad? #
Try this when callers can't hear you. Fritz!Box > Telephony -> Own numbers -> Connection settings Activate x Use a random port for the FRITZ!Box's SIP service to the SIP registrar.


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