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Mullvad VPN sponsors The Tor Project

27 Mayıs 2020  DONATION

To support the ongoing, critical work in defending online privacy, we have made a donation to The Tor Project. Daha fazla bilgi

No change for VPNs in proposed new LEK

22 Mayıs 2020  NEWS PRIVACY

The Swedish government will be updating its Electronic Communications Act (LEK) by the end of 2020. Just like the current version, the new one will not apply to VPN services. Daha fazla bilgi

New Android beta (2020.5-beta1) reduces crashes

18 Mayıs 2020  NEWS MULLVAD APP

Using Mullvad VPN for Android? Update to the latest beta version for a more stable experience. Daha fazla bilgi

Latest desktop release (2020.4) packed with updates

13 Mayıs 2020  NEWS MULLVAD APP

What’s new in this version Daha fazla bilgi

Reopened: Resolved: Update: Problem with OpenVPN potentially affecting connectivity for users

12 Mayıs 2020  NEWS

Reopened 2020-05-20: there is still some connectivity issues (OpenVPN) - we're investigating  Daha fazla bilgi

Cash payments are delayed due to corona

6 Mayıs 2020  NEWS

If sending cash is your preferred method for topping up your Mullvad VPN account, please plan ahead. The coronavirus is causing delays in postal delivery. Daha fazla bilgi

New Android release (2020.4-beta3) supports SD cards

4 Mayıs 2020  MULLVAD APP

Get the latest improvements of the Mullvad VPN app for Android. Daha fazla bilgi

iOS vulnerability puts VPN traffic at risk


Apple's iOS version 13.3.1 and likely all newer versions contain a vulnerability that prevents any VPN from encrypting all traffic. Daha fazla bilgi

Post mortem - WireGuard server connectivity issues

29 Nisan 2020  NEWS WIREGUARD

What happened Daha fazla bilgi

Resolved, Update: WireGuard server connectivity issues

27 Nisan 2020  NEWS WIREGUARD

This issue has now been resolved. Daha fazla bilgi

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