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Mullvad'daki gelişmelerden haberdar olun. Uygulamamızın yeni sürümlerini, güvenlik güncellemelerini, iş ilanlarımızı ve daha pek çok şeyi burada bulabilirsiniz.

WireGuard in our app, for macOS and Linux (2019.7)


The latest version of the Mullvad VPN app has full WireGuard support on macOS and Linux! (Windows users will have to wait a little bit longer) Daha fazla bilgi

Open-source firmware is the future


Today we are proud to announce the porting of coreboot, an open-source firmware, to the Supermicro X11SSH-TF server platform. Daha fazla bilgi

Cash is Still King

24 Temmuz 2019  NEWS PRIVACY

We want you to remain anonymous. All. The. Way. So, when you sign up for our VPN, we don't ask for any personal information  no username, no password, no e-mail address. Daha fazla bilgi

Connect faster to multihop and Shadowsocks, directly in the Mullvad app

23 Temmuz 2019  MULLVAD VPN APP

Did you know that the Mullvad VPN app is automatically equipped to use Shadowsocks and multihopping? It's true! We'll tell you how to speed up your connection time. Daha fazla bilgi

See what's in our newest app release (2019.6)

15 Temmuz 2019  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

The latest version of the Mullvad VPN app is a nice mixture of additions and fixes. Come and get it! Daha fazla bilgi

What’s App?

12 Temmuz 2019  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

How does our “Kill Switch” work? Are you really safe with our app when your computer joins a new WiFi network? And which default setting should you change (scroll down to number 4!)? Daha fazla bilgi

Mullvad VPN in 821 words

28 Haziran 2019  NEWS

What are you agreeing to when you decide to use our VPN service? More importantly, what are we promising to you? Daha fazla bilgi

Secure WiFi, happy LiFi

28 Haziran 2019  NEWS SECURITY

Is anybody reading over your shoulder? Sure? Look again. Hard to know when you are on your device, but some WiFi networks are hostile networks that see every move you make. Daha fazla bilgi

Scheduled maintenance 2019-06-26

19 Haziran 2019  NEWS MAINTENANCE

On Wednesday, maintenance is planned for parts of our infrastructure. This may cause temporary disruption of the service during the day. Daha fazla bilgi

Shadowsocks integrated into new app version (2019.5)

17 Haziran 2019  NEWS MULLVAD VPN APP

We've got quite a laundry list of changes to the newest stable release of the Mullvad VPN app. Most exciting is our in-app integration of the Shadowsocks proxy! Daha fazla bilgi

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