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Mullvad Browser

часто задаваемые вопросы

Do I have to be a Mullvad VPN user to run the Mullvad Browser? #
No, you don’t have to be a Mullvad VPN user to run the Mullvad Browser. But we highly recommend that you use a trustworthy VPN in combination with the browser.
Can I use the Mullvad Browser without a VPN? #
Yes, but if you don’t use a trustworthy VPN in combination with the Mullvad Browser your IP address won’t be masked. To avoid data collectors and mass monitors to identify you thanks to your IP address (and hide your traffic from your ISP) – use a trustworthy VPN together with the Mullvad Browser.
What data does the Mullvad Browser collect? #
Does Mullvad Browser make any outgoing connections? #
Yes, here are the full list of requests Mullvad Browser makes by default:
  • * Browser update (Mullvad)
  • * Mullvad Browser Extension update (Mullvad)
  • * Mullvad DoH (Mullvad)
  • * NoScript/Ublock Origin update (Mozilla)
  • * Certificates & Domains update (Mozilla)
  • * Ublock Origin filter lists update (various lists)
What’s the difference between the Tor Browser and the Mullvad Browser? #
The difference is the network used to access the internet. Tor Browser connects to the internet through the Tor Network. The Mullvad Browser is instead designed to be used with a VPN.
Why do you disable “Deceptive Content and Dangerous Software Protection”? #
Because it's controlled by Google.
Why don’t you have more features within the Mullvad Browser? #
We focus on privacy first. Too many features could make it possible to identify you through fingerprinting.
Can I install other extensions? #
Yes, but that is something we don’t recommend. Extensions could make it possible to identify you through fingerprinting.
Can I use it on my smartphone? #
The Mullvad Browser is not available on smartphones.
What's your business model? How does Mullvad Browser makes money? #
We don’t earn any money from the Mullvad Browser. Our income comes from our VPN service. The Mullvad Browser is a complement to our VPN service.
Where can I get help? #
Look at help/contact support.
Where can I share a bug/idea? #
Report it on Github or send an email to support@mullvadvpn.net
Why is the built-in password manager disabled? #
Use a external password manager, it’s more secure.
Why is the time wrong? #
The time zone is spoofed, to combat fingerprinting.
What's this weird spacing around the websites? #
It’s called letterboxing, a function to combat fingerprinting (using your browser window size to identify you together with other measures).
How do I stay logged into specific websites between sessions? #
It’s not possible. It’s an action to combat tracking.
Is the browser only available in English? #
For now, it’s only available in English.
Where are my downloads? #
They are in the Mullvad Browser folder.
Will you support Firefox Sync? #
How can I add NoScript to the toolbar? #
- Open the Settings page
- Click on "Extensions & themes" on the left sidebar
- Click the 3-dots button of the NoScript extension then Manage
- On the row "Toolbar button" click the option "Show"
Why can't I remove NoScript & uBlock Origin? #
While NoScript & uBlock Origin are extensions, they are integral part of the defense against browser fingerprinting in Mullvad Browser. NoScript is used for the Security Level feature. uBlock Origin is used to block third party trackers.
Why doesn't Mullvad VPN have a VPN extension? #
A VPN extension makes it possible to use the VPN only for the browser. It's very easy to click a link that will make your traffic go outside of the VPN tunnel. This is why we don't propose this: it's much safer to encrypt all your device traffic, to make sure there's no unintentional leak.
Will removing Mullvad Browser Extension alter my browser fingerprint? #
It won't change your browser fingerprint, it's safe to remove it.
How can I display the bookmark toolbar? #
- Right click on the menu icon
- Select “Bookmarks Toolbar”
- Select “Always Show”
Why are some elements blurry on some websites? #
The blur happens because of canvas fingerprinting protection.
A canvas element has its dimensions specified in “content space” (in CSS pixels) and to render it properly, the website will ask the browser for the devicePixelRatio property, which indicates how many of the screen's actual pixels should be used to draw a single CSS pixel.
When Mullvad Browser spoof the devicePixelRatio property, the canvas based elements can be rendered blurry if your screen's actual devicePixelRatio does not match the spoofed value.
Why is the extension I installed not working? #
Though we don't recommend installing third-party extensions, you can try checking if the extension is allowed to run in Private Browsing Mode:
- In the menu, click on “Addons and Themes”
- Click on the extension
- Make sure for “Run in Private Windows”, “Allow” is selected

If the extension is still not working, please contact the extension developer as we're not able to private support for third party extensions.

Known issue: as Firefox Sync is entirely deactivated, extensions will not successfully save data by using the "storage.sync" mechanism.


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