Once in Paris (and Zürich)

23 juin 2020  NEWS

It’s not exactly news that our servers with 10GbE network cards are now up and running in both Paris and Zürich. For months you’ve been able to test them out.
Meanwhile, we've been testing and improving network connectivity to the point that they’re so optimized that we can announce their existence.

With three different server set-ups (OpenVPN, WireGuard® and Bridges), we’ve seen an exponential increase from December last year (511 servers in total, read here under “Numbers are for lovers”) to today (661 servers in total, find fresher numbers here).

Security and privacy at the forefront

We never know who’s watching  that’s why we, step by step, install our own servers around Europe (Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Zürich and Frankfurt), many of them with 10GbE network cards to reduce potential bottlenecks. Multiple systems equal a strong defense. Layers and multiple tunnels are today’s answer. Our dream is a public Internet where privacy and security are respected, until then: we keep securing our connections with OpenVPN, WireGuard and Bridges.

For the universal right to privacy,