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Improved credit card payment process


We've streamlined the process for using credit card to add more VPN time to your Mullvad account. Credit card payments are now integrated into our website and quick to complete.

Once you're logged in to your account page on our website, look for the new payment method tab for credit card.

screenshot of credit card payment tab

When you click on the Pay button, a new payment page on our website will load. Here, you'll only need to enter your credit card number, expiration date, and CCV.

This is the only page on which we have allowed the Stripe payment platform to communicate with your browser. Stripe is the third-party platform we are using to provide this service.

Remaining anonymous when paying

Please keep in mind that the third-party companies we use for certain payment methods log your information.

As we clarify in our no-logging policy, it is out of our control that these companies have records showing which people have paid us money.

If you want to remain anonymous, we suggest that you pay instead with cash or Bitcoin.