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Aiding to break habits: Gambling and Adult content DNS blocking


We have expanded our DNS blocking service with Gambling and Adult content filters!

In addition to our Advertising, Tracker, and Malware lists, we have adding 2 more options: Blocks for adult content and gambling websites. Now available in version 2022.2!   Update: Corrected iOS information.

These are based on lists that are readily available and viewable via our Github page.

Now available everywhere: Blocking adult content and gambling websites

This service is an extension to our other blocking services, where we prevent known websites that serve adult content and gambling from displaying content. These features can be used alongside our advertising, tracker and malware website blocking features, and can be enabled either via toggles available in our desktop and iOS apps or via a custom DNS entry if you are on Android, or are using our service via a configuration file.

These are the first iterations of these blocks, so they may not be perfect. We will improve them over time.

To use these features

For desktop

  • Select the Cog → Preferences →
    • Block adult content
    • Block gambling

For iOS

  • Select the Cog → Preferences → Edit (top right corner) -> Add a server and enter one of the following IP addresses listed below that matches your desired state. -> tap on Done (top right corner)  → Enable the custom DNS option.

For Android or custom DNS entries (including configuration files):

  • Select the Cog → Advanced → Use custom DNS and enter one of the following IP addresses that matches your desired state.

For Android, iOS and configuration file users you will need to use one of the following custom DNS entries to enable this feature:

Adult content combinations:

  • - Adult content only
  • - Adult content and ads
  • - Adult content and trackers
  • - Adult content, ads and trackers
  • - Adult content and malware
  • - Adult content, ads and malware
  • - Adult content, trackers and malware
  • - Adult content, ads, trackers and malware

Gambling blocks:

  • - Gambling only
  • - Gambling and ads
  • - Gambling and trackers
  • - Gambling, ads and trackers
  • - Gambling and malware
  • - Gambling, ads and malware
  • - Gambling, malware and trackers
  • - Gambling, ads, malware and trackers
  • - Gambling and adult content
  • - Gambling, ads and adult content
  • - Gambling, adult content, and trackers
  • - Gambling, ads, adult content and trackers
  • - Gambling, adult content and malware
  • - Gambling, ads, adult content, and malware
  • - Gambling, adult content, malware, and trackers
  • - Ads, adult content, gambling, malware, trackers ("Everything")

Adult content and gambling blocks were made available with the app release 2022.2 on desktop and iOS.

We will add this and all other DNS blocks as toggleable features to Android as well in a future release.

Our repository demonstrates all of the IP address to list combinations available at the time of writing.

If you want to use custom DNS via our app or configuration file, you can use the corresponding IP address from the list on our repository.

We are refreshing all theses lists on a monthly basis.

This is not intended to be a replacement for good security practices, nor is it meant to be a replacement for specialised content filtering or parental controls for website blocking. Please ensure you use this in conjunction with other practices to keep your computers and mobile devices safe, secure and up to date.

If you have any thoughts regarding the lists that we utilise please: