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How do I turn on DNS leak protection in the app? #
DNS leak protection is always on. There is no option to disable it.
Why am I leaking DNS requests to Cloudflare? #
Even when connected to Mullvad, this happens to Firefox users in the U.S. because of the browser’s default settings. To prevent this, open Firefox Options > General > Network settings > Settings, then deselect “Enable DNS over HTTPS.” Once you’ve done that, visit to verify that you’re no longer leaking information.
Do you offer dedicated ip? #
No, it is not aligned with privacy since it somehow has to be linked to a user
How do I enable the kill switch? #
The app has a built in kill switch that is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. This is to prevent your traffic from leaking outside of the VPN tunnel if your network suddenly stops working or if the tunnel fails for any reason. Mullvad automatically protects your data until your connection is reestablished.
Which IPs for setting up our ad blocking, tracker blocking and malware blocking using custom DNS ? #
Except Android (currently) these settings are built in as toggles, if you want to use configuration files, or if you are running Android you can use the following:Click on the gear icon (Settings), then Advanced. Scroll down to Use custom DNS server and enable it to add any of these DNS servers listed in the link below:
There is a law to collect user data in India and other countries. Does this affect Mullvad? #
Mullvad does not collect user data. Mullvad is based in Sweden and none of the Swedish regulations ( can force VPN providers to secretly collect traffic-related data. We also have no servers, infrastructure or staff in India.


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