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Create better passwords, improve your privacy

20 april 2018  PRIVACY TIPS

Passwords, we protect our most important information with them. But are they good enough? In part four of our series on improving online privacy, learn how to create better passwords and more effectively manage them. Läs mer

Tips for keeping a blog anonymous

7 juni 2017  PRIVACY TIPS

Ever thought about establishing a blog but wanted to remain anonymous? Our latest privacy-related guide covers this topic and gives you tips for keeping your pen name and real identity separate. Läs mer

Learn to use encrypted email

27 april 2017  PRIVACY TIPS

Our new privacy guide on using encrypted email walks you through setting up the Mozilla Thunderbird email application in order to easily send PGP-encrypted emails and even decrypt received messages. Läs mer

Plugins that help and hurt your privacy

27 januari 2017  PRIVACY TIPS

We continue our series on how you can improve your online privacy. This time we focus on plugins – some you can install and others that you should disable to keep you safe. Läs mer

How to Tamper Protect a Laptop – With Nail Polish

14 december 2016  PRIVACY TIPS

We just acquired a new laptop! And given our work with security, we do everything we can to protect our hardware. Even if it means using glittery nail polish. In this post, we'll show you … Läs mer

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