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News / Mullvad client / Mullvad VPN app — 2018/11/19

All users must update – just in time to celebrate

Help us celebrate our upcoming 10th birthday (yay!) – and ensure that your VPN connection continues working – by making sure your version of Mullvad is up to date.

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News — 2018/11/06

Ascii codec errors

If you are getting ascii codec errors when using the mullvad client, then please first uninstall the Mullvad client and then

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News / Maintenance — 2018/10/30

Scheduled maintenance 2018-11-05

On Monday, maintenance is planned for parts of our infrastructure. This may cause temporary disruption of the service during the day.

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News / Maintenance — 2018/10/25

Scheduled maintenance 2018-10-29

On Monday, maintenance is planned for our website. This may cause temporary disruption of the service during the day.

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News — 2018/10/25

Improved connectivity within Sweden

Our hosting provider in Sweden has upgraded their network and made the following changes:

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News / Privacy — 2018/10/18

Less is more – web servers wiped sooner

We've reduced the length of time that information on our web servers is stored before deleting – from 24 hours to just one.

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News — 2018/10/17

Signals of trustworthy VPNs – a multilateral initiative

What makes a VPN provider trustworthy, and how do you know?

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News / Mullvad VPN app — 2018/10/16

Update your app – new stable version (2018.4)

Update your Mullvad VPN app to the newest stable release (2018.4) for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Security / News — 2018/09/24

Read results of security audit on Mullvad app

The final report of the external security audit on our VPN app, version 2018.2, is now publicly available.

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News — 2018/09/08

Payment options for Swedish customers

For our customers in Sweden, we have stopped accepting bankgiro and updated our Swish payment method.

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