Håll dig uppdaterad om utvecklingen på Mullvad. Nya versioner av vår app, säkerhetsuppdateringar, jobbannonser - du hittar allt här.

A decade of Mullvad - another to come

17 december 2019  NEWS

Wow, what a year it’s been! The one that closed out our first decade and began a new one. Here’s what we remember most fondly from 2019: Läs mer

WireGuard for Windows in new app release (2019.10)

12 december 2019  NEWS

The latest version of the Mullvad VPN app finally brings WireGuard to Windows users. Läs mer

A closer look at VPN vulnerability CVE-2019-14899

6 december 2019  NEWS

A recent vulnerability affecting Linux and *nix systems can compromise VPN tunnel security. If you are using the Mullvad app with default settings, you are not affected. No action is necessary. Läs mer

Mullvad partnerships page has been updated - Mozilla

3 december 2019  MULLVAD COMMUNITY

Mozilla has partnered with Mullvad in order to utilize our global network of VPN servers for its own VPN application. Läs mer

Test the latest Android beta (2019.10-beta1)

6 november 2019  NEWS

We’ve addressed a number of bugs in the newest beta version of the Mullvad VPN app for Android. Läs mer

Faster rotation of WG keys and static IP addresses

3 november 2019  NEWS

Update: It now takes a few seconds to propagate new WireGuard® keys and internal static IP-addresses to all servers. Läs mer

Big data. Big no!

30 oktober 2019  PRIVACY

Not so very long ago, privacy was still regarded as the right of the individual to be physically alone without being observed. Läs mer

Server list updated with provider and ownership

25 oktober 2019  PRIVACY

Our server list has been updated to contain the following two major additions: Läs mer

Mullvad October 2019 donation to WireGuard

25 oktober 2019  MULLVAD COMMUNITY

If you've been following our blog recently, then you're well aware that we see potential in the WireGuard VPN protocol. We've therefore decided to support the project's development yet again with a donation. Läs mer

Our policy on disclosing security incidents

24 oktober 2019  NEWS

When does a security incident of a VPN provider warrant public disclosure? Läs mer

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