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Mantenha-se atualizado sobre os desenvolvimentos na Mullvad. Notícias relacionadas com a nossa aplicação, atualizações de segurança, ofertas de emprego — encontre tudo aqui.

New Canadian servers, no US servers


We now have servers in Canada. For now, we don't have servers in the USA. We just lost two suppliers that do not want to relay anonymous traffic in the USA. We hope to remedy this soon. Ler mais



The recently disclosed vulnerability in OpenSSL named FREAK can be used to attack OpenVPN clients. We have released a new version of the client with a patch, as well as published a blog post explaining the technical details. Ler mais

Version 49 released


Version 49 is now available for download. It contains a patch against the FREAK vulnerability. Users of our client for Windows and OSX need to upgrade to the new version. Users of our Linux client should get automatically patched through their distribution.Users of plain OpenVPN should download new configuration files and update their OpenVPN client. Ler mais

Version 48 released


Version 48 is now available for download. It primarily solves an issue with Stop DNS leaks on systems with a non-english Windows install. Ler mais

AES-256 encryption


The default OpenVPN stream cipher in new clients and new configuration files is now AES-256. When encountering certain connection problems the client program will fall back to Blowfish 128. To use nothing but AES, set "cipher = aes256" in Settings -> Advanced. Ler mais

Version 47 released


Version 47 is now available for download. It solves a few DNS leak issues and uses AES-256 as the default encryption cipher. Ler mais