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Mantenha-se atualizado sobre os desenvolvimentos na Mullvad. Notícias relacionadas com a nossa aplicação, atualizações de segurança, ofertas de emprego — encontre tudo aqui.

Version 48 released


Version 48 is now available for download. It primarily solves an issue with Stop DNS leaks on systems with a non-english Windows install. Ler mais

Version 47 released


Version 47 is now available for download. It solves a few DNS leak issues and uses AES-256 as the default encryption cipher. Ler mais

AES-256 encryption


The default OpenVPN stream cipher in new clients and new configuration files is now AES-256. When encountering certain connection problems the client program will fall back to Blowfish 128. To use nothing but AES, set "cipher = aes256" in Settings -> Advanced. Ler mais

WebRTC and anonymity


It has come to our attention that the new WebRTC standard can be used to expose the real public IP of people connected through a VPN-service. In short WebRTC allows users to have video and audio communications directly in the browser without any plugins installed, IPs being exposed is an unfortunate side-effect of how this works. Ler mais