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Try WireGuardNT for better Windows performance


Calling all early adopters on Windows! Blaze a trail with us and test if our experimental implementation of the new WireGuardNT kernel driver gives you a boost in performance.

This addition to the latest Mullvad VPN app release follows close on the heels of the WireGuard developers' recent release of an in-kernel implementation for Windows. It’s great news for our goal of making WireGuard the default protocol in our Windows app.

We hope our Windows customers will experience improved performance, especially over WiFi.

Here’s how to try WireGuardNT

This implementation is disabled by default. To turn it on, you’ll need to use the Mullvad CLI.

Open the command prompt and run mullvad tunnel wireguard use-wireguard-nt set on.

To stop using it, use the same command but with off.

We want your feedback!

Since we’re still in the early stages of development, we would greatly benefit from any feedback you’re willing to share with us about your experience. Send your comments to support@mullvad.net.