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Release announcements get put out to pasture


We’re shaking up our routine when it comes to blogging about the app and we want you to know that. And we say goodbye to this 11-year old tradition with a greatest hits list.

If you’re a dedicated reader of our blog, then you’ve come to expect a post every time we launch a new stable version of the app. Nowadays, we have the human capacity to iterate more frequently on app releases. And with a native app for each of our five supported platforms, that translates to a lot of releases.

That’s one reason why we’re pivoting away from a post for every release to posts that focus on what’s truly newsworthy. We want to call your attention to the good stuff; the features that will help to improve your privacy or make the app easier to use.

But I like the changelog?

On our download page, we’ve added a link that points to the latest changelog over on GitHub.

In the future, we’ll have a dedicated page on our website that will offer a more digestible version of the changelog, just like what’s currently included in our listings Google Play and the App Store under “What’s new”.

Greatest release hits

Did you know, we’ve been blogging about (almost) every stable release for over 11 years! Before we lay this routine to rest, take one final look back with us at some of the more memorable release moments: