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Long-awaited feature introduced to desktop app (2021.1)


This stable release for desktop makes using custom (local) DNS servers a reality! Get the latest Mullvad VPN app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What’s new

Support for custom, local DNS servers

Many of you have been requesting this feature for years. Thanks for hanging in there! Found under the Advanced settings, this currently only works for local DNS servers.

New hotkey

Hit the Esc key while in the app to automatically navigate to the connection screen.

Unpin app from Windows taskbar

This new Windows feature, under the Preferences menu, allows you to move the app interface around on the desktop.

Music to some ears

We’ve improved the app’s accessibility which can now be used with a screen reader.

Turkish delight

For the Turkish translation of the bridge feature, the “on” and “off” settings are now correctly labeled.

OpenVPN improvements

We upgraded our client-side OpenVPN to 2.5.0. This allowed us to improve our Windows app which now uses Wintun instead of the OpenVPN TAP driver. In addition, we now force OpenVPN to use TLS 1.3 or newer.


  • [Linux] We addressed the CVE-2019-14899 vulnerability as it pertains to IPv6 addresses (we previously fixed the issue for IPv4).
  • [Windows] We added special firewall rules that prevent unlikely but potential leaks early on during the boot-up sequence, before Windows enables its own firewall.

Minor but mentionable

  • The default setting for Auto-connect has been changed to “off”, and the app now respects this setting during login. In other words, when you log in with Auto-connect disabled, the app will not automatically connect.
  • To counter censorship, we no longer use DNS to contact our API.
  • When the app queries our API for updates, it now includes the version of the device’s operating system. This will help us to more effectively release version-specific updates or vulnerability fixes.

Download the app

Download the Mullvad VPN app. If needed, we've got help guides for installation and usage.

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