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Introducing package repositories for Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora


We now provide self-hosted repositories with the latest stable and beta Mullvad VPN apps, for users of our supported Linux distributions. Our supported distribution releases are listed on our download page.

If you are a customer that wishes to install our VPN application without needing to keep checking back to our website each release, you can make use of our guides to get set up. These repositories are available to anyone, with the instructions found here: https://mullvad.net/help/install-mullvad-app-linux

Each time a new Mullvad VPN app release is made, whether stable or beta, they will be made available on this repository. We do not support adding both stable and beta repositories, you can only install one version of the app at any one time.

In order to use the service after installation you need to have a valid Mullvad VPN account with credit on the account.